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Europa Productions introduces one of the most highly-skilled, entertaining, and professional performers for over a decade!  Many of you might have already heard the “buzz” in your community, during the time he was a radio DJ at with his own show called "International Nights". DJ Nicko has also been featured on other, numerous online-radio stations throughout the years such as and His  uniquely creative approach to mixing is unrivaled. He also possesses over five years of Music Theory knowledge.

DJ Nicko’s attention to client satisfaction is unmatched. He has hosted hundreds of events, and works hard to ensure every guest is having a great time.  When it comes to planning your event, our expertise ensures that you, and your party receive the best in quality entertainment every time.  At Europa Productions, professional experience in business,  means we understand how to ensure you're always satisfied.  As a client, when you are searching for the best, you should not have to settle for less.  For bookings, please visit us online, or simply contact us direct.  We hope to see you at your next event!


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Nicko rocked da house

What an amazing unforgettable night. My friend recently got married and he had hired Nick as the DJ and so glad he did. The man knows what he is doing. He rocked the house till it was almost lights out and people still wanted to dance. He's a great guy with a great personality. If you want your party to be off the roof this is the man to do it. When I have future events he will be the man I hire.
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So Thankful For Nicko

We got married on March 25th, and I shopped around for a while for a dj that wouldn't give me a bunch of smoke and mirrors with their services. I didn't want a fake guy, with overly flashy clothes who depended on a laptop to deliver dj mixing. I also wanted someone who was respectful and didn't call me "honey" or "sweetie", or have someone who was dismissive when I called. Nicko wasn't any of those guys. He was polite, respectful, and very professional when we started planning the music for my wedding. My husband is a very tough crowd, but he really enjoyed listening to Nicko's samples. Once everything was in order, and the day of our wedding came... everything was pure chaos and craziness. But when the reception happened, the entertainment that Nicko provided was the only thing that went extremely well. We danced like crazy most of the night, and when we weren't dancing we were eating. He custom made a few play lists for his mixing for us that definitely got us moving and having a blast. He was worth every penny, and we were very satisfied with him. Don't make the mistake and pass him up; he is one of the rare ones who is real, and won't shine you on like you're an idiot.
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My Feet Still Hurt

10 STARS!!!! So happy we hired DJ Nicko to MC and DJ our wedding!!!! We heard about him from a lot of people around the Armenian community and we called him immediately. He was really great at making sure all the music we wanted was played throughout the night (hehehe we even got him to play Gangnam Style a few extra times lol). LOVE LOVE LOVE his dinner music because it totally set the mood for my night. After dinner we were up nonstop dancing (I even had to take off my shoes... and my feet are STILL hurting but so worth it). He was uplifting, and actually interacted with our guests while he worked. VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!!!! He also had an assistant who helped him throughout the night and she was super sweet, too. The whole day was just spectacular, and he totally finalized the awesomeness of my night. Just wish my feet would stop hurting (lol)... I don't think I have EVER danced that much in my life.
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DJ Nicko set the mood...

My fiance and I hired Nicko to do our engagement part a couple of weeks ago, and he totally set the mood. His dinner music was appropriately romantic, and after dinner... he got the party started! We were mad when the lights went back on and the music ended. We are going to use him for our wedding in September. Can't wait. Thanks, Nicko Jan you rock Bro!
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Wonderful DJ - Wonderful Event

DJ Nicko really got the night moving. We hired him for our wedding, and it was definitely a night to remember. Dj Nicko made it fun for all our guests, and he was a delight to work with.

Thanks for playing all the music we like, Nicko (even the country music). LOL
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Guests were on their feet the entire time!!

My wife and I hired Europa Productions, DJ Nicko, for our son's Christening. We were amazed at the excitement he generated with his music and interaction with our guests. It was a great party that will be remembered by all.
Thank you Nick.
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Fantastic Event

We hired Nick (DJ Nicko) as the primary entertainment for our wedding in York, England after we heard about him from a friend that owns a club in London (who recommended we listen to him on a Canadian radio show). After making the connection with him, we decided to fly him to England. It was a glorious event, and he heightened the excitement of the festivities with his excellent selection of music. He custom taylored the music to what Sarah and I wanted. He worked well with the bagpipe ensemble (he looked like he had fun all the while). At one point there was a blunder with one of the bagpipe performances, and Nicko quickly acted and filled gap while the ensemble was resolving the situation. You won't regret hiring him. Keep one thing in mind though, he is not one of the bloaks that stands at the system and pretends to do his job. He is very interactive.
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Very impressive dj

My husband and I hired Dj Nicko to do our wedding last weekend. We had so much fun during our reception that we didn't want the evening to end. He was professional and communicated with us often about what kind of music we wanted. He interacted with our guests, and even got us laughing a bit. He custom tailored his music to our wants and needs. We plan to hire him again when we have other celebrations in the future. Thanks so much, Dj Nicko. You made my night perfect.
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Awesome DJ!!!

I hired him to do a huge party last month and we had a BLAST! His music really got us moving, and he was a lot of fun with my guests. He was also very professional and had no problem with our requests.
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