Reviews written by Aniboghos

DJ Nicko (Europa Productions)

So Thankful For Nicko

We got married on March 25th, and I shopped around for a while for a dj that wouldn't give me a bunch of smoke and mirrors with their services. I didn't want a fake guy, with overly flashy clothes who depended on a laptop to deliver dj mixing. I also wanted someone who was respectful and didn't call me "honey" or "sweetie", or have someone who was dismissive when I called. Nicko wasn't any of those guys. He was polite, respectful, and very professional when we started planning the music for my wedding. My husband is a very tough crowd, but he really enjoyed listening to Nicko's samples. Once everything was in order, and the day of our wedding came... everything was pure chaos and craziness. But when the reception happened, the entertainment that Nicko provided was the only thing that went extremely well. We danced like crazy most of the night, and when we weren't dancing we were eating. He custom made a few play lists for his mixing for us that definitely got us moving and having a blast. He was worth every penny, and we were very satisfied with him. Don't make the mistake and pass him up; he is one of the rare ones who is real, and won't shine you on like you're an idiot.
Jul 10th, 2017