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White Night Design, with event consultant and designer Arthur Nazeryan at the helm, has been creating unforgettable special events for more than 20 years. At White Night Design, we take pride in our reputation for customer service and professionalism, top-quality equipment, and competitive pricing for weddings, birthday, theme parties, and more.
Our services include:

Creative consultation
Including on-site meetings, themes, and recommendations

Complete event styling
From idea to implementation

Rentals and equipment
Including chairs, tables, linens, chair covers, delivery and pick-up, and more

Lighting effects
Including custom pipe, drape, panel design, and more

Dry ice effects
Creating beautiful effects and ambiance

Tree and decor rentals
All you need for a beautiful, stylish setting


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Didnt even get the chance =/

My fiance and I called and emailed White night at least half a dozen times and we were not able to get a consult for our rentals. We really didn't get the chance to know what type of service they could have provided, but we def got snubbed. Oh well competitor was very happy to accept our business!
Posted By: | Sep 28th, 2012 | View all my reviews
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Great to work with!

Two weeks before my wedding I decided to rent a seamless white dance floor. Arthur gave me a price that was lower than every other vendor I called. The process of booking the floor was very easy and everyone was raving about it at the wedding!
Posted By: | Jul 22nd, 2011 | View all my reviews
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absolutely accommodating

I met with Arthur twice-once very early in my wedding planning, then again two weeks ago. He is very creative and very accommodating with an eye for beautiful decor. I have no doubt he will make my wedding day very special and give me exactly what I want. Can't wait to see the final product! Thanks Arthur! (And for the person who wrote that Arthur took more than half of their deposit and did not deliver what they wanted, I think you're mistaken because I wanted to put down more than half of the price as a deposit and Arthur refused!)

And now , AFTER my wedding, here's my current review, which is EVEN BETTER:
Now, more than ever, I am convinced that the one bad review Arthur has received on this site is from a jealous competitor.  I say this because of the following:

1. Arthur promised me a sweetheart table and draping with all the beauty and bling a bride could dream of, and then he delivered MORE THAN what he said he would, without charging an extra cent.
2. He created the wedding of my dreams by his gorgeous design, that people are STILL raving about, and his beautiful rentals transformed my house into the ideal "bridal suite" for the pre-wedding festivities.
3. Above all, Arthur came through for me WHEN OTHER VENDORS DID NOT. I rented chiavari chairs for the hall from a different place, at my mother-in-laws insistence. (Home chairs I got from Arthur, thank God!) The hall gave me grief about the rentals 2 days prior to my wedding. In fact, the day before, as I was getting my nails done and trying to relax before the big day, I was still being harassed by the hall for renting chairs, because they claimed that they didn't have room to store their own (ugly, heavy, unstackable) chairs. The people I ordered chairs from refused to remove the hall's chairs, claimed they had no room in their truck to store the halls chairs, etc.

Can you imagine how nerve-wrecking this  must have been for a bride-to-be?

Well, I called Arthur, and he took care of EVERYTHING. Mind you, I only rented chiavaris for my house from him, and he was hired to create a romantic sweetheart table. Somehow, he cleared out the halls ugly chairs, made the problem go away and even promised me that in the worst case scenario, he would bring over his truck and store the halls bulky chairs there, just so I could have my vision of a beautiful hall come true (and again, he did all this despite the fact that I did not book him for the 182 chairs I got for the hall!)
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Beautiful Linens And Chairs

I rented almost everything from Arthur for my outdoor, at home, engagement party. Everything from tables to dinner plates. Arthur has the best selection of linens. I got exactly what I wanted. His chiviary chairs are in great shape and look brand new. I highly recommend White Night Design to anyone looking for rentals and/or draping for their next big event. Thanks Arthur!
Posted By: | Jun 16th, 2010 | View all my reviews
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Bella Nella Thanks

White Night Designs turned our salon into something right out of a fairytale. They worked hard and quickly to get everything up and the end result was amazing. They helped make our fashion show look and feel like magic. Bella & Nella can't imagine having had anyone else for our fashion show. We can't thank White Night Designs enough for all their time and hard work!
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Horrible service.

I can't even begin to explain how disappointed I was with the service I got from these people. First of all, Arthur had the worst attitude possible and he was just shooting prices in the air. The only reason I stuck to having him decorate my wedding was because I had paid for more than half of my check as a deposit. All the colors I wanted were WRONG and nothing looked right.. ruined my wedding completely. I do not recommend White Night to bride-to-bes!

Business Response:
I'm sorry that you feel that way about our services. I would appreciate it if you can clear up some thing for me, because I think you're making a mistake. What date exactly was your wedding? Also I never take half deposit, let alone more than half. I have never in fourteen years made such a blunt mistake of supplying the wrong color. I never show a color of a fabric that I can not supply.
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Five stars

You can not go wrong with Arthur. He has a great eye for decor and lighting.He constantly adds new elements to his work. I have been working with him for over 14 years. He has the ability to create extravagant and beautiful weddings and events. Not mentioning that he's a great person to work with and keeps his customers satisfied.
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Amazing Work!

As a planner I recommend Arthur & his crew 100%. His linens selection is amazing, his chivari chairs are in great quality and his drape work is beautiful! You can't go wrong with White Night!!
Posted By: | Apr 18th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Great look but pricy

They do a beautiful setup and design to give you exactly the look you want and it looks amazing and classy. However, be prepared to spend a lot of money to get exactly what you want as it does get pricey. But he makes your wedding look amazing, especially in the pictures and video.
Posted By: | Feb 4th, 2009 | View all my reviews
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Art decorated our main table and cake table at our weddinng. He did excatly what he had promissed. I am very happy and glad that I hired him. He was very professional and courteous. I will highly recommend him.
Posted By: | Jan 17th, 2008 | View all my reviews
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