Reviews written by Aida09

Gourgen Caters

Best Service and Food is Delicious!


For the person who wrote a review saying the food wasn't enough. Well, when you're ordering food from Gourgen's Catering, you would tell them that you want 1 pan of Ghorme Sabzi, a pan of Luleh Kabob, a pan of rice, etc. Whether or not that is actually going to be enough for the number of guests you have is up to you. If you know there's going to be 100 people there, ask Gourgen to make you food for 110 people.


I had my engagement party catered by Gourgen. I requested their waitressing services along with serving the food. I must say, the guests could not stop asking me where the food was from. Everybody loved it! Their Ghorme Sabzi has to be the best I've ever had. Their Beef Stroganoff is delightful and all of their appetizers are AMAZING!

One of the things I hate the most about Armenian halls is how HORRIBLE the food is. They give you the worst quality ingredients and don't know how to cook it. So these Armenian halls will give you bad food, but make it look good by putting a LOT of them on the table.

Gourgen's catering is authentic middle eastern food that uses the freshest ingredients. Their services were professional and friendly. I had over 150 people at my engagement party and I was very happy. I can't wait to use Gourgen's Catering for my wedding this summer! :)
Mar 14th, 2011