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Gourgen Dalir, owner and operator, has been in the food and hospitality business for over four decades, beginning in Iran at Cafe Nadre and all the way to Glendale, opening his own business in 2007.  Based on the philosophy that "Abundance in quality surpasses quantity," Gourgen has established himself in the industry as a world-class leader in service and gourmet food. There is no event too big nor too small for Gourgen's Catering to amaze and satisfy your expectations and cravings.  Gourgen Caters will be there from the beginning to end, providing professional consultation to meet your needs, and above excellent service on the day of your event. 

Can't wait to have family over to order from us? No problem.  Call in or come to our store-front to pick up and try some of our gourmet meals-to-go.  Prepared and packaged for freshness, we will take care of your next meal, so you don't have to.  We offer everything from your favorite stews, Ghormehsabzi and Fessenjoon, to delicious mezzes such as Ikra (eggplant salad), and Salad Olovier, and many more of your childhood favorites.  We also offer kabobs made to order, individual or family style.  Delivery also available. 


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Phenomenal food

I recently attended a wedding at the Humingbird's Nest Ranch and the catering was done by Gourgen's catering. Aside from the beautiful venue and ambiance, the food was phenomenal. The quality of the food was excellent along with their customer service. Highly recommended!!
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Excellent Food and Service

We had a doreh last night and had Gourgen cater our event. We got the food exactly on time with no hassle. The food itself is of very high quality and the prices are fair. This is now the 7th time we've ordered high volumes of food from him without fail. Highly recommended.
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Peace of mind..

I did a backyard engagement and needed to hire a catering company for my party. My mom had heard from several people that Gourgen does an amazing job and that it was said that his food was great. It was my first time organizing such a big event so I was nervous to trust ANYBODY with such an important part of my party...

I can't tell you how impressed I am by this company. His staff was so attentive and so hard working. They made sure all of my guests were happy. From the minute they stepped foot in the house, they began working... What I really appreciated was the fact that his staff helped me with decorations and lighting candles and laying down petals, and that wasn't even part of their job. The food was amazing, all of my guests loved it, the organization was top notch, and Gourgen himself is wonderful at what he does.

I won't be using anybody else for my wedding. Thank you guys so much for giving me one less thing to worry about on that special day. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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Affordable and Phenomenal Service and Food for ANY

We used Gourgen's Catering for my sister's engagement party with 200+ guests last year. Let me just say that their service was phenomenal and the food was amazing! Their mini luleh kabob rolls are to die for and their BBQ is full of flavor. Their Persian stews are incomparable to any others I've had anywhere else. The food was served warm and in a beautiful buffet layout. The unique thing about Gourgen's Catering I would have to say is that you're getting a great price for homemade food you will not be getting cheap quality food with them. We went to several Catering service before we made our final decision and we couldn't have made a better choice. The waiters were super professional and attentive to the guests. They truly did make our night unforgettable.

Also, I would like to mention that the great thing about Gourgen\\'s Catering is you don\\'t have to wait for a big event to eat their delicious meals you can grab some dinner for the family any day from their FOOD-TO-GO fridges at their store. I would have to say they have the best Ikra in town!

I would recommend Gourgen\\'s Catering for any occasion. You truly do taste the care, time, and meticulous attention to detail they put onto every meal they present.
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Used them multiple times, Always satisfied

Wow...where should I begin? Gourgen catering catered the morning of my wedding over 3 years ago and not only was the food amazing, the professionalism of the staff was outstanding. The waiters are all extremely nice and know what they're doing so you don't have to worry about telling them what to do and, trust me, I've worked with others and it's been a nightmare at times. Since my wedding, I've used Gourgen Catering for many different occasions, ranging from business dinners in home to birthday parties to Caban Parties and New Years Eve. I've even ordered food from them without the actual catering services and their food is truly DELICIOUS, fresh and hot upon delivery, not to mention very affordable. Gourgen, his son and staff are among the fairest and sweetest people I've ever worked with and if I've ever had any issues, they've made sure to go above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied, which I was! I would HIGHLY recommend them for any occasion!!!!!!!!!!
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Excellent food and service

We had them cater for my sister's birthday party (about 80-90 people).

The food was amazing. Overall we were very satisfied.

Food arrived on time and HOT!

The quality of their food is phenomenal. Their service was also excellent.
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Best Service and Food is Delicious!


For the person who wrote a review saying the food wasn't enough. Well, when you're ordering food from Gourgen's Catering, you would tell them that you want 1 pan of Ghorme Sabzi, a pan of Luleh Kabob, a pan of rice, etc. Whether or not that is actually going to be enough for the number of guests you have is up to you. If you know there's going to be 100 people there, ask Gourgen to make you food for 110 people.


I had my engagement party catered by Gourgen. I requested their waitressing services along with serving the food. I must say, the guests could not stop asking me where the food was from. Everybody loved it! Their Ghorme Sabzi has to be the best I've ever had. Their Beef Stroganoff is delightful and all of their appetizers are AMAZING!

One of the things I hate the most about Armenian halls is how HORRIBLE the food is. They give you the worst quality ingredients and don't know how to cook it. So these Armenian halls will give you bad food, but make it look good by putting a LOT of them on the table.

Gourgen's catering is authentic middle eastern food that uses the freshest ingredients. Their services were professional and friendly. I had over 150 people at my engagement party and I was very happy. I can't wait to use Gourgen's Catering for my wedding this summer! :)
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Best Kabob And Service!

Last year I held an event and hired a catering company which made me very unhappy and i did not ever want to face another event like this, but with some convincing of friends and word of mouth i decided to try someone new and tried Gourgen's catering service this year for a party i had with 200+ guests and Wow i was amazed how they handled everything and all my guests loved the food. I had nothing but compliments from my guests and Gourgen can I say THANK YOU so much for making this event very memorable. I now know where all my catering needs will come from in the future!
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Small portions, but satisfying

I have had the pleasure of having this catering company cater an event for my friend. The food was very delicious, however I must add that there was not enough food being served for the amount of people that were at the event (approx. 75). The roast beef and endive salad were excellent. The chicken kabob was a little bit cold but juicy. The stew was just OK. Overall I would recommend them, however would specify that the food needs to be served Hot and Plenty!

Business Response:

Gourgen's Catering provides a caveat of services, tailored to meet our client's individual needs and wants. We provide consultation and give our professional advice based on the information provided to us prior to any decisions made. Clients may opt to choose items from our menu a la carte, depending if they are on a budget or if they have a preconceived idea of their guests' appetites. They may even choose to hire our full catering staff and service, which then food is prepared and served plentiful and service is present at the event. Either way, we strive to provide the best! In regards to food being served cold...nothing in our kitchen is prepared far too in advance. Orders are made to the order, hence we insist that our clients advise us when dinner will be served, so that it is delivered promptly to ensure high quality taste and satisfaction. What our clients say or do with the food once it arrives is at their discretion, and should not be reflected poorly on our own service and quality. Our stews are the best in town, and that is directly from our customers' own testimonies. But to each their own. Food is an experience that brings people together, and how they share and enjoy those moments may effect individuals differently. A company that works hard to provide those services should be applauded for their commitment to excellence, and not criticized on minor differences one may experience during the process. We hope that the next time you have the opportunity of tasting our food and enjoy our services, it will be a positive one, and you may return here to leave feedback.
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Glendale's Finest Catering Service

Gourgen Catering catered our wedding with great professionalism and outstanding communication throughout the process. We were given ample amount of time selecting our menu.

We had 500 guests and Gourgen (the owner) took care of handling all our needs (such as ensuring all the seating arrangements and decor of the wedding would be exactly what we discussed- which it was) and as a bride I felt very comfortable and trusted Gourgen. The servers were outstanding by being prompt and met all our needs and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gourgen for the next event.

Also, Gourgen provided finger foods at the bride's house during the preparation of the bride and everyone enjoyed the mini-sandwiches and kabob sandwiches. They were on time and provided an excellent service.

Everyone was very satisfied and loved the catering service!
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Gourgen Catering Is The Best In The Market!!!

ORIGINAL FOOD!!!! ORIGINAL SERVICE!!!!!ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! It was my best friends wedding this past weekend (May 14, 2010) and I was the maid of honor, and I can say that Gourgen's service was absolutely the best. There were 500 people at the wedding (Ararat home) and everyone was satisfied and full.
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The Best Food

I am a DJ and I see Gourgen's service most of the time. He provides the best food and service. I recommend him for all your events.
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