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Gourgen Caters

Peace of mind..

I did a backyard engagement and needed to hire a catering company for my party. My mom had heard from several people that Gourgen does an amazing job and that it was said that his food was great. It was my first time organizing such a big event so I was nervous to trust ANYBODY with such an important part of my party...

I can't tell you how impressed I am by this company. His staff was so attentive and so hard working. They made sure all of my guests were happy. From the minute they stepped foot in the house, they began working... What I really appreciated was the fact that his staff helped me with decorations and lighting candles and laying down petals, and that wasn't even part of their job. The food was amazing, all of my guests loved it, the organization was top notch, and Gourgen himself is wonderful at what he does.

I won't be using anybody else for my wedding. Thank you guys so much for giving me one less thing to worry about on that special day. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Aug 27th, 2012