Reviews written by Julia

Yourik Studio

The Right Choice! :)

Hello to all the future brides and Grooms! When deciding to pick a photographer and videographer for my wedding it was simply very easy for me because having done my research there was no doubt in my mind that picking Yourik Studio was the right choice. After seeing some of his work on-line it amazed me to see his professionalism and his passion for his work, from the picture layouts to the scene to the music he chose was simply phenomenal. He is all about making pictures look incredible with a very natural look. He has tons of years of experience and you can tell he simply loves what he does and to top it off he knows he is the best in the business, so for him there is no competition. On top of his expertise and professionalism his humor and personality is what really makes the whole experience so enjoyable. He really knows how to make the future married couple not only feel special but to also feel extremely important. Finally having seen my wedding video and my pictures I could not be happier! Any bride would be crazy not to choose yourik studio, he simply goes above and beyond for the couple. He deserves way more than 5 stars!!!
Dec 31st, 2015