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Yourik Mirzakhanian has dedicated his experience in photography to bringing an innovative, sophisticated, and artistic style to his photo and video work. His works are a reflection of his belief that every moment is unique and the joy and spirit of that very special moment should always be captured.

Our passion in photography, particularly weddings, began in the 1980s and we aim to continue pursuing and sharing such passion in the most sophisticated and artistic way for many more years to come.


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The Best in the Universe

Yourik went above and beyond our expectations. He is the absolute best and has the most professional and experienced crew. Some people say it's a waste of money, but it's not, he captures your occasions in the best and memorable ways possible that by every time watching videos or pictures you will feel you are actually in the moment. I recommended him to my family and friends and everybody is more than thrilled with his job. He is the best...
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Phenomenal :)))

Yourik went above and beyond our expectations. I can't say how satisfied we are with all his service. Me and my husband were very stressed on our wedding day but Yourik's good behavior and sense of humor made us laugh the whole time which was really helpful. At first we weren't planning on doing the pre-wedding pictures but Yourik convinced us that it's going to be a good option to do both the pre-wedding and wedding pictures and God knows how happy we are for doing it. The albums and the video production is simply outstanding with a very reasonable price and the quality of the work is phenomenal. We couldn't be happier with his work.
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The Right Choice! :)

Hello to all the future brides and Grooms! When deciding to pick a photographer and videographer for my wedding it was simply very easy for me because having done my research there was no doubt in my mind that picking Yourik Studio was the right choice. After seeing some of his work on-line it amazed me to see his professionalism and his passion for his work, from the picture layouts to the scene to the music he chose was simply phenomenal. He is all about making pictures look incredible with a very natural look. He has tons of years of experience and you can tell he simply loves what he does and to top it off he knows he is the best in the business, so for him there is no competition. On top of his expertise and professionalism his humor and personality is what really makes the whole experience so enjoyable. He really knows how to make the future married couple not only feel special but to also feel extremely important. Finally having seen my wedding video and my pictures I could not be happier! Any bride would be crazy not to choose yourik studio, he simply goes above and beyond for the couple. He deserves way more than 5 stars!!!
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They are the best

These guys are so professional, I didn't even know they were there. The footage was amazing and the best part of the whole experience was that they actually listen, even thought I had SEVERAL ANNOYING requests. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone of my family or friends, in fact I have already done so. Thank you so much Yourik you are the best.
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Thank you!!

Yourik Studio is absolutely the best!!! We were beyond thrilled when we received our amazing video and photos of our wedding. It was a pleasure working with Yourik. He was able to capture every detail of our wedding day. Now every time we look at our album and video we will always remember our beautiful and amazing day and feel all those emotions once again.
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Best Photographer/ Videographer Ever!

If you are shopping around for a photographer/ videographer, then stop looking because you have found the best photographer/ videographer in Los Angeles. Below is a brief description of my amazing experience with Yourik’s Studio. Pre-Wedding From day one Yourik's Studio had been super helpful with all aspects of my wedding. I know that they are a photography studio, but they sat down with me and explained in detail what needs to be done and what to expect on the big day. I constantly found myself seeking their advice about my venue and church and time coordination. The best thing was that I felt that they did not mind helping me out with everything; they really went above and beyond what I expected. I felt like they were more of a wedding consultant. I'm Armenian, so our weddings are very long and a lot of planning goes into, so having Yourik's Studio there really took a lot of the stress off my shoulders. The Wedding Day - June 2015 On the day of Yourik’s Studio arrived at my house ready to go. They walked in, did their set-up and started shooting. What was great was that they had two crews: one at my house and one at the groom’s house. This really helped economize our time. I hate, and I do mean hate taking pictures. Yourik’s Studio really worked with me on this. Throughout the wedding they took pictures and video and they gave me breaks when they felt I was tired of posing. This really showed me that they cared about me and they worked hard to make me feel comfortable and stress free. They were great about directing me in what poses to strike and took a lot of natural photos (which are great for me the anti-picture bride). I really felt my wedding went smoothly because of Yourik's Studio and all the preparation we did together. Post Wedding The photo quality is amazing! Everything else aside, the pictures really bespeak wonders about their quality of work. There were so many options to choose from, over a thousand photos! I loved the natural photos and actually had one enlarged to hang on my wall at home. They were really fast about getting me disk of photos to choose from. Now, I am waiting on the video which is my fault because I could not get the baby pictures to them until September. I cannot wait to see the video and relive that amazing day all over again. So all in all, thank you Yourik’s Studio for everything. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had you guys there on the biggest day of my life (until now). Love, Marianna S
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The words can not describe how satisfied I am with his job. For my engagement party I looked around and tried to find the best photographer and I couldn't to the point that I was about to cancel the party and finally found Yourik Studio. And now I can not wait until my wedding because I know he will make my special day more memorable... I recommend Yourik Studio to every body who wants to have a magical memory of his/her day :)
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Keep up the great work!

Amazing photographer! I can't say enough about Yourik and his unmatched talent for wedding photography. His crew was fun to work with and made our wedding day such a blast! We are glad we chose him as our wedding photographer. Keep up the great work! Thank you for everything!
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We had a very pleasant experience

My wife and I were very pleased with Yourik Studio. Yourik is an unbelievably talented photography and a joy to deal with, and most importantly our pictures turned out absolutely amazing! I only wish we had discovered him prior to our wedding as we would have gladly hired him for our engagement and bridal shower. I would highly recommend him for any event!
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Professional photos and staff

Yourik studios is one of few places where the term "you get what you pay for" does not apply. I got a discounted rate compared to other places and was really surprised at all the extra work and extra things we got. Really professional staff who care and know what they are doing. They guided us through our special day and where respectful and fun to be around. I was blown away at the pre-wedding video they put together for us to play on our wedding day during the ceremony I we have watched it like 50 times since. Just awesome. Nobody else worked harder and put more effort in getting it right on our wedding day than Yourik and his staff did, and I'm grateful to them for everything they have done for us.
Thank you Yourik Studios.
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Professional photos and videos

They did great job, they are very professional and responsible, even he helped us with other wedding stuff. All our stress was gone before wedding because they are expert in their job. Also they are very friendly and cool guys, which is important to have a fun day. Thank you Yourik & Argin.
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Professional Photos and Video

Yourik and his team have been my family's number one go to photographer and videographer ever since my wedding! He is so professional and truly cares for his clients and the work he does for them! On the day of my wedding I was naturally so nervous but he calmed me down with his professionalism and sense of humor. His Work is truly amazing and he gives you the BEST deals in the market!

I was very shocked to see the last 2 reviews because I have known Yourik for years and have referred many family and friends and they have all been so pleased with his work. I have never once heard any one of my friends and family not be happy with the quality of work Yourik has done for them.

I absolutely encourage everyone to give Yourik a call when you are planning your big day and you will be pleased!
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Never hire these guys for your wedding!!!

We hired him because he gave us good price compared to other companies but this was the biggest mistake we have ever done. We were very disappointed of their service. The whole wedding was 13-14 hours and he recorded only two and a half hours of video of very little of everything. He missed very important parts of our wedding. The photographer also did very bad. All the wedding they were sitting there and eating instead of filming and making photos. We were calling them every time and they were coming for few minutes and going back to their table to eat. Never hire these guys. After complaining about all this he just said "I did my best". So better to spend another $1000 with somebody else then to ruin your video and photos.
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The WORST in town. Never hire him

He ruined my bro's surprise party. He videotaped with no sound and didn't even tell me till we watched the video and found out. To hide his mistake, he added audio from another party he videotaped before. It was horrible. We were so frustrated we threw away DVDs and never watched again. Never ever hire him for your big day.
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don't waste your money

If you want to not have nightmares about your wedding day, don't go with him. He's like having your uncle take pictures. Nothing professional or artistic about him. It's the biggest regret from my wedding. The video was ok, but basically I don't have pictures of basic things such as my favors. In the past few years, I've seen pictures of others' weddings and their pictures are truly classy and capture the moment. Everything about Yourik is set up but even that's not good. All my pictures at our house have his ladder in the background. My group photos at the park have the fence (vs. the nearby by trees and gazebo).
We asked for a third camera for candids. I don't have a single candid photo. I have no photos with the ring boy/flower girl. On the day of, these are things you expect the photographer to see and take. Photos are the last thing you should think about. Photos are the only thing you have to keep forever, so please don't go with him. I honestly have no idea what these other 5 stars are all about.
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Beautiful Pictures

Yourik makes it easy to go through your day without feeling as though you are acting. He is professional and friendly. I am very happy with his work and the pictures are beautiful. I went to him by recommendation from a friend and he met my expectations and beyond.
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Professional work

I am very happy with Yourik. He is a very professional and friendly person. He gave me my wedding pictures and video in 3 months. High quality job. I recommend him to people for their happy occasions.
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