Reviews written by Teymine

Anoush was the first hall we checked out for our wedding because we knew they accommodated huge wedding parties. Our wedding guests totaled 504, and Anoush did everything possible to fit all our guests. Vrej the owner is a very gracious man who only has the customers best interest in mind. He gave his input at very appropriate times, and helped us in achieving the best possible options for our budget. Everyone had a blast at our wedding. Vrej came up to us and said we have never had such a fun wedding party, and it was about 4 am, and he said you can stay as long as you like cause they usually want people out of their at 2am. Highly recommended for big parties, great service!!!!!!Thanks Vrej
Sep 15th, 2009
From day one I was completely clueless about my hairstyle for my wedding. I felt like nothing was going to complement me because I never put my hair up,and my dress was designed in a way that it was a shame to cover it up with all my hair if i left it down. Well my worries were subsided when I went in for my consult with Bella. She took a look at a picture of my dress and saw the length of my hair and said we have to give u a very romantic exotic look. I took a breath and left my hair in her hands,and in less than 2 minutes she concocked this awesome style. She calls it the Marie Antoinette look. I loved it and my anxiety completely vanished. I immediately went to buy a gorgeous side piece,and a net instead of a veil and she created a princess on my wedding day. I felt so beautiful, and everyone love it. It was what I wanted but couldnt explain to others, but Bella got it instantly. I am so happy I chose Bella Nella Bride as the salon for my special day. I dont want to forget about my makeup by Nella, which complemented my hair so beautifully. It was tastefull and not over done with airbrushing. I didnt feel like I had 40 pounds of caked on makeup. I loved my experience at Bellas,and I highly recommend them to all potential brides who are as nervous as I was. A bit pricey but worth it, hey its your big day, and it will last a lifetime with all the pictures and video, so you want to rest assured you get what you paid for right? I would choose them again for other huge occasion. Highly recommended. Thanks a million Bella and Nella!!!!!!! Tina
Sep 6th, 2009

Jay Jay Productions

Breathtakingly Beautiful Photographs

Me and my husband knew from day one that Jay Jay was going to be the photographer at our wedding. I could not asked for a more talented, professional, skilled, upbeat photographer than Jay. He not only took our wedding photos, but our love story ones as well. I was so nervous about my pictures for some reason, but then I saw them and couldn't believe how beautiful they were. Its like a boost of confidence being photographed by Jay he captures the best in everyone. I love showing my photo dvd to everyone that comes over because I am so proud of them. As our planning began, my husband and I told ourselves that the one thing we will splurge on is the video and photography because besides the memories they are all that's left when the wedding is over. Jay takes the time and touches up every detail in the photos, he adds music, which brings the pictures to life as they tell a story, a story of love and a magical night every girl dreams of. Each photo is unique and breathtaking, I am so happy we went with Jay. If you are having any doubts about choosing a photographer, please go with Jay you will not regret it, he is definitely worth every penny. Thank you so much for our beautiful photographs Jay.
Jun 19th, 2009