Reviews written by anna17

Mamikon (Dhol-Zurna-Duduk-Clarinet)

Amazing Traditional Armenian Music

I was the bride and when him and his crew arrived with the groom's family everyone was amazed by their talent and ability to play the most beautiful traditional Armenian music...they were absolutely amazing!!!! I would recommend Mamikon and his crew for all Armenian weddings!!!!
Jul 21st, 2010

Gourgen Caters

Glendale's Finest Catering Service

Gourgen Catering catered our wedding with great professionalism and outstanding communication throughout the process. We were given ample amount of time selecting our menu.

We had 500 guests and Gourgen (the owner) took care of handling all our needs (such as ensuring all the seating arrangements and decor of the wedding would be exactly what we discussed- which it was) and as a bride I felt very comfortable and trusted Gourgen. The servers were outstanding by being prompt and met all our needs and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gourgen for the next event.

Also, Gourgen provided finger foods at the bride's house during the preparation of the bride and everyone enjoyed the mini-sandwiches and kabob sandwiches. They were on time and provided an excellent service.

Everyone was very satisfied and loved the catering service!
Jun 19th, 2010