Reviews written by gtrqueen

De Luxe Banquet Hall

Great Place!

When I walked into this hall I just fell in love with it. It is so beautiful and intimate and spacey. The dance floor is perfect and the lights are beautiful.

We enjoyed working with Albert. Albert is THE BEST. From day one he was soooo organized and went over every little detail and wrote everything down. We chose food, event time, etc. and they went above and beyond to accommodate us. On the day of our wedding Albert was there and did not leave the site; he came to our table and asked us to make sure we had everything we needed. Our guests were very happy and loved the food and the service.
Thank you Albert and thank you De Luxe crew! you guys rock! You made our wedding special!!
Dec 9th, 2012

Walter's Flowers

Nairi you are the Best!!

I found this flower store when I was driving around Glendale to get flowers for my friend; I loved the way they made the flowers and checked their wedding flower pics. Nairi is incredible! We got flowers for my brother's wedding, and some for my cousins wedding and then we got the flowers and centerpieces for my wedding and it was simply breathtaking. Nairi is the best. She is nice, friendly and professional. My flowers were perfect! Everything got delivered to the reception on time and everything was perfect. Nairi is a great artist and I wish I could post the pics for everyone to see. My guests loved the centerpieces soo much that they all wanted to take them home:) My centerpieces were colorful, fresh and rich. absolutely beautiful. Thank you Nairi jan for our beautiful flowers. You made our wedding beautiful. Thank you. It was very dreamy.
Dec 9th, 2012

DJ Chris K


We met Chris at my brother's wedding; we loved him and his work very much and we contacted him for our wedding. Chris is very professional. We chose some specific songs which we wanted to play on our wedding and emailed him the titles. He got back to us within 24 hours. He also is a very nice guy! He is very friendly.
Our wedding reception was a big party. All of our guests danced and they had a great time! If you are looking for a DJ call Chirs because he knows which songs are in, which songs are out and which songs will make your guests get up and dance. and believe me when I say this, because I'm a music teacher and I know music when I talk about it!! Thank you Chris! You made our night special :)
Dec 9th, 2012