Reviews written by leonardo

Yourik Studio

don't waste your money

If you want to not have nightmares about your wedding day, don't go with him. He's like having your uncle take pictures. Nothing professional or artistic about him. It's the biggest regret from my wedding. The video was ok, but basically I don't have pictures of basic things such as my favors. In the past few years, I've seen pictures of others' weddings and their pictures are truly classy and capture the moment. Everything about Yourik is set up but even that's not good. All my pictures at our house have his ladder in the background. My group photos at the park have the fence (vs. the nearby by trees and gazebo).
We asked for a third camera for candids. I don't have a single candid photo. I have no photos with the ring boy/flower girl. On the day of, these are things you expect the photographer to see and take. Photos are the last thing you should think about. Photos are the only thing you have to keep forever, so please don't go with him. I honestly have no idea what these other 5 stars are all about.
Jan 19th, 2010