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Yourik Studio

Best Photographer/ Videographer Ever!

If you are shopping around for a photographer/ videographer, then stop looking because you have found the best photographer/ videographer in Los Angeles. Below is a brief description of my amazing experience with Yourik’s Studio. Pre-Wedding From day one Yourik's Studio had been super helpful with all aspects of my wedding. I know that they are a photography studio, but they sat down with me and explained in detail what needs to be done and what to expect on the big day. I constantly found myself seeking their advice about my venue and church and time coordination. The best thing was that I felt that they did not mind helping me out with everything; they really went above and beyond what I expected. I felt like they were more of a wedding consultant. I'm Armenian, so our weddings are very long and a lot of planning goes into, so having Yourik's Studio there really took a lot of the stress off my shoulders. The Wedding Day - June 2015 On the day of Yourik’s Studio arrived at my house ready to go. They walked in, did their set-up and started shooting. What was great was that they had two crews: one at my house and one at the groom’s house. This really helped economize our time. I hate, and I do mean hate taking pictures. Yourik’s Studio really worked with me on this. Throughout the wedding they took pictures and video and they gave me breaks when they felt I was tired of posing. This really showed me that they cared about me and they worked hard to make me feel comfortable and stress free. They were great about directing me in what poses to strike and took a lot of natural photos (which are great for me the anti-picture bride). I really felt my wedding went smoothly because of Yourik's Studio and all the preparation we did together. Post Wedding The photo quality is amazing! Everything else aside, the pictures really bespeak wonders about their quality of work. There were so many options to choose from, over a thousand photos! I loved the natural photos and actually had one enlarged to hang on my wall at home. They were really fast about getting me disk of photos to choose from. Now, I am waiting on the video which is my fault because I could not get the baby pictures to them until September. I cannot wait to see the video and relive that amazing day all over again. So all in all, thank you Yourik’s Studio for everything. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had you guys there on the biggest day of my life (until now). Love, Marianna S
Oct 11th, 2015