Featured Proposal: Gamer & Kristina

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We recently stumbled upon a very fun and personal proposal that we knew we had to share on Harsanik. Gamer and Kristina are really into Escape Rooms and Gamer used this concept to plan the perfect proposal for Kristina. Kristina shares the details of how they met, the surprise proposal, and their wedding planning status. 

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

"Gamer was one the first people I met when I first transferred to UCSD in 2011. We were a part of the Armenian Students’ Association (ASA), and friends during our time there.  I remember thinking to myself that the girl that gets to marry him will be so lucky to have such a loving, kind, and generous man in their life. Little did I know, it would be me! We both graduated in 2013 and moved back to LA. We kept in touch after college, and our relationship naturally progressed from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend in 2015. Three beautiful years later, we are planning our wedding and future together. 

Throughout our relationship, our friends began to get engaged. Every time we would hear the great news, Gamer would look at me and say in a movie announcer voice, “Who will be next?!?! Dun dun dun!” As time went by, I began to get irritated by this comment and asked him to stop saying it, but he managed to sneak it in one last time when we went to an escape room for his birthday this year. 

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Gamer arranged for a group of us to go to Exit Artists Escape Room in Burbank on February 7th. I had a long day at work and was running late. I rushed home and barely had any time to get ready. When we got there the owners let us know that they would be in the room filming us for promotional material; which I didn’t think much of, and we began to play the game.

We were a rowdy group trying to find a way to escape this Vegas- themed room. About an hour into the game, Gamer and I were working on a puzzle while the rest of the group was trying to find other clues. As Gamer and I pieced together the puzzle, it spelled out, “Who will be next?” with one piece missing. I looked around at everyone confused still thinking we are playing the game. Gamer then pulled the missing piece out from his pocket and placed it down; it was a picture of a diamond ring.   

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

In shock, I looked at Gamer, as he pulled out a ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I’d never felt so many emotions at once. As tears of joy rolled down my face, I said yes! Everyone in the room started cheering and congratulating us. We made our way out to the lobby, where I had another surprise waiting for me. Our cousins and friends had set up a surprise party. I don’t think I stopped crying that day; I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness. After celebrating with the group at Exit Artists, we headed over to Gamer’s house where our families were waiting for us with a celebratory dinner. To this day, I cannot find the right words to explain how magical that day was for me. Gamer, our family, and friends put so much thought and effort into making that day perfect, and it was nothing short of it.

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

We never went ring shopping, and every time Gamer would ask me what type of ring I liked I would play coy and avoid giving him an answer because I wanted the ring to be something that he loved as much as I would. So, he did what any guy would do; he went to my friends.  They quickly pulled up pictures of pear-shaped diamond rings, which I had told them I like, and the nearly nine-month hunt began for him. While I was away on a business trip, he asked my parents for their permission and took a ring from my room to get it sized correctly.  My family ended up giving him a ring that I usually wear on my thumb because it is too big, but it all worked out because we got the ring sized after the proposal. Regardless, my ring is as perfect as the memory of our proposal. Looking down at it throughout the day makes me smile from ear to ear because it reminds me of that special day.  

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Featured Proposal: Gamer and Kristina

Engaged life = busy life. Immediately after the proposal, we were bombarded with questions about our wedding plans. I think people forget that the bride-to-be didn’t know that the proposal was going to happen, and the groom-to-be needs a minute to catch his breath after the proposal.  With a heightened sense of urgency around picking a date before vendors are unavailable, Gamer and I began our planning process two weeks after the proposal.   

So far, we’ve booked our venues, entertainment, and photographer with the help of our friends and family’s recommendations, and the holy grail of vendors: Harsanik.com!  Our wedding is set for May 18, 2019. We cannot wait! We still have a way to go with choosing a cake, florist, honeymoon destination and more; so, we are taking it one step at a time to make sure we don’t overwhelm ourselves. Everything is working out smoothly and we are so excited to start our life together." 

Congratulations to Gamer and Kristina! We are so excited for them and we wish them a lifetime of excitement, adventure, and happiness. We are honored with our new title of "holy grail of vendors" and we are thrilled that we have been able to help with wedding planning for so many brides and grooms over the years.  



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