Sona & Tak Exclusive Interview: Chapter 3

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Remember that video of Conan O'Brien dancing at an Armenian wedding? Well we've got the full scoop on Sona and Tak's wedding in our 3rd and final episode of our exclusive interview with Sona and Tak. In case you missed the first two episodes, you can watch Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on our blog. Sona and Tak shared details about how they met, the proposal, and all the challenges faced with planning a BIG Armenian wedding. Now we're thrilled to share the last episode of our interview where Sona and Tak share details about their wedding day, favorite memories, Conan's participation, and advice for other couples planning their big day. Best of all, we've got clips from their wedding day so you can see and feel exactly what they are talking about.

Special thanks to Ani Studio for recording, editing and producing our 3 part interview series. 


We've got video highlights from the Shabash at Sona & Tak's wedding. This is an Armenian tradition where guests shower the newly wed couple with money during their first dance.

Conan O Brien Dancing to Armenian Music

Surprise Shoorj-Par

Sona and Tak share some of their favorite memories from their wedding day. Sona was shocked when so many of her family, non-Armenian friends and colleagues performed a surprise shoorj-par, a traditional Armenian circle dance. And yes, Conan was part of the dance.

Personalized Program 

One of the many ways Sona & Tak personalized their wedding was by designing a wedding day program with a caricature drawing of the couple as the logo. The design was created by Tak and all guests received the program to help explain the meaning behind some of the rituals performed during an Armenian wedding ceremony.

Sona and Tak's Custom Wedding Program

Sona and Tak's Custom Wedding Program

Armenian Traditions

Find out which traditions Sona and Tak incorporated into their wedding day. Sona shares the one Armenian wedding tradition that she really did not want to follow but ended up going along with it at her parent's house.

Advice from One Bride to The Next

Sona shares a few very helpful tips to future brides and grooms.


Find out why the couple chose Japan as their honeymoon destination and whether Conan crashed Sona and Tak's honeymoon!

Sona and Tak's Honeymoon in Japan

Sona and Tak's Honeymoon in Japan

Sona and Tak's Honeymoon in Japan

"Oh my God! This is exploding my mind!"

Find out why Sona was screaming "Oh my God" repeatedly at the end of our interview! Ani Studio had a special surprise for Sona and Tak. Be sure to watch till the end to see the big reveal.

Official Featured Wedding Blog Post

And finally, we're thrilled to share with you Tak and Sona's Featured Wedding on our blog! We've got more photos from Sona and Tak's special day along with a highlights videos from the wedding day.



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Armenian Traditions

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