Iceland Photoshoot: Mikhail and Varti

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Mesmerized by all the beautiful scenery and locations, Varti and Mikhail visited Iceland for their destination pre-wedding photoshoot by MTH Photographers! From their decision, favorite moments, to the many challenges, Varti shares all the details of their adventurous and astonishing photoshoot!

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

First you should know, from the two, Varti is the more adventurous one and she definitely had to push Mikhail a little to get him to do all the crazy things on their trip! The couple currently lives in Los Angeles and the two had never taken a daring trip like this one together. So visiting Iceland was definitely an experience for them. When their photographer, MTH Photographers, suggested Iceland for their photoshoot, they never thought they would go there. But after researching the country, they simply couldn't say no! Here are some of the questions we asked Varti: 

Q: What was your vision going into the photoshoot?

Varti: I didn't know what to expect... I was hoping to get good pictures and thankfully we have amazing ones! I am very happy about everything that happened and all that we were able to do with the time and not so amazing weather we had.

Q: What and how many locations did you visit for the photoshoot?

Varti: Iceland is very beautiful and has a lot of amazing locations. Just by driving on the freeway, you can find a bunch of amazing places to stop and take pictures at. We went to different locations and were able to take pictures at most of them. All the locations that we went to were 4 hours away from the city. A total of 4 major locations were completed but we found 4 more during our drive on the freeway!

Q: How were the weather conditions?

Varti: The weather wasn't very helpful the first day of the photoshoot since there was crazy wind and rain. We drove 8 hours that entire day and only completed one scene. This was extremely difficult knowing we had to drive 8 hours again the next day. I know you would think that one location is basically nothing but the weather was so horrible that we didn't think we could even do one. I thought that day was the hardest because of the crazy wind and cold weather but little did I know the next day was harder! We had to put our feet in the coldest water at the waterfall location and we couldn't feel our feet for an hour after that dip. We also climbed up a small hill next to the waterfall barefoot which wasn't hard, but definitely had to push my fiancé to do it! That is one of my favorites memories and photos!

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Q: What was the craziest part of the trip/photoshoot?

Varti: Everything that happened during this photoshoot was crazy! We couldn't believe the places and weather... but if I had to choose one I'd say the craziest experience was walking four miles in the crazy wind to get to the airplane location and stripping down to a strapless dress to take pictures. That was the last stop on the first day... the rain had stopped for a little so we went to the airplane location. We had a little trouble finding the plane because they had closed off the road to drive in. So we had to carry everything and had to walk for 4 miles to get to the airplane site. There it was time to take pictures! One of the hardest parts of the airplane location were taking off my coat and gloves in the cold. So I took off everything and stood on the wing of the plane. A few pictures later, Mher asked me to try and get on the plane! I was excited and a bit worried because I was wearing a long dress and heels. I had to take off my heels but that was the only change I could do. We got on the plane and Mher worked his magic and was were able to take amazing shots. Four more miles to walk back to the car now!

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Q: Did you have a hair and makeup artist on site? What outfits did you wear during the photoshoot?

Varti: One of the only things that I was worried about the entire trip was hair and make-up because I am not good at both of them. So the first thing I did when we got to Iceland was search for hair salons and make-up artists. I found one and visited... Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with the result and re-did my hair. We had a friend with us that ended up doing my makeup on the first day. Starting from the second day, I did my own hair and makeup. But once we got to the waterfall, it all got ruined! So the pictures are taken with almost no makeup at all.

Q: Any challenges you faced specifically being a destination photoshoot?

Varti: Time and weather! It's very tough to predict in advance what the weather would be like and how much time you need to complete at a destination photoshoot. Luckily, we got through everything in spite of the crazy wind and rain. The time and weather contribute to planning and locations as well. For example, our first day was tough... we were all getting frustrated because we were driving for 4 hours in the wind and rain and couldn't take pictures. One of the locations was a cave (which I am very sad that we couldn't do) and it needed to be booked since the company drives you to the cave with huge jeeps. Luckily, they had one last trip scheduled for the night and one more last day the next day. We decided not to book it thinking we would be able to schedule a trip the next day. Sadly, it was all booked by then.

Q: What were some of your favorite moments?

Varti: All of us were in an awe of the breathtaking scenery and locations. We could not believe how beautiful the country was! The entire trip was great. My fiancé and I are thinking of going back after we get married! We couldn't get enough of the views.

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Mikhail and Varti Iceland Photoshoot

Q: What tips do you have for other bride/grooms planning destination photoshoots?

Varti: Do it al! Whatever your photographer asks you to do, do it! You are there to take amazing pictures and it won't happen if you don't risk it a little. Also, pre-plan and pre-book everything! I would say take an entire week for an Iceland trip or similar. We were there for 4 days; the first day was already wasted by the weather but there are a lot of locations and amazing views you definitely need and will want to stay longer.

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Special thanks to Varti and Mikhail for sharing their story and MTH Photographers for the stunning photos. We are captivated by this amazing pre-wedding photoshoot! Make sure to check out our interview with MTH Photographers for more insights and a behind the scenes video of this photoshoot

Congratulations Varti and Mikhail and we look forward to your upcoming wedding on May 20, 2018! Let the countdown begin!

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